Discover the Basics of Sign Language
Learn how to communicate in a new way by joining an introductory and interactive class about sign language to support early childhood sign language education.
1.5 hours
10 to 20
Budapest, Hungary
Best to book 2 weeks in advance

What you’ll do

This experience offers you and your team the opportunity to join an interactive class that will introduce you to sign language and the Deaf community. 

During this class, you and your team will actively participate by learning and practicing sign language. This class will cover how sign language is structured and how Deaf people think, with the goal of sensitizing you and your team to Deaf experiences. This organization uses Hungarian sign language during their sessions but will focus on the universal factors of sign language.

This class will cover concepts including:

  • Visuality
  • Spatial grammar
  • Universal emotions and facial expressions
  • Body language
  • Gestures
  • Non-verbal means of expression
  • The role of non-verbal in human communication
  • Motivated and conventional signs
  • Shaping objects by hand
  • Mouth reading
  • Deaf thinking
  • Shared attention
  • Processing of visual stimuli


The agenda of this experience is as follows:

  • Conversation Starter and Introduction to the World of Signs (15 minutes)
  • Introduction to the Nonprofit, Purpose of the Session, Technical Details & Interpretation (15 minutes)
  • Presentation About Sign Language and the Deaf Community (10 minutes)
  • Mouth Reading Activity (5 minutes)
  • Non-formal Activities and Sign Language Learning (30 minutes)
    • Use and Practice of Signs
  • Q&A (10 minutes)
  • Conclusion & Wrap-up (5 minutes)

What else you should know

  • This experience will be conducted over Zoom. Before the event, you will receive a link for the call. Participants must have their cameras on during the experience.
  • You must have ample space to move around for some of the activities during this event.

How you’ll make an impact

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Your contribution will provide a sign language playground session for Deaf and hearing children to play together.

This nonprofit’s mission is to use innovative, modern, and non-formal education methods like applied improv or experiential pedagogy to offer alternatives to the challenging Hungarian Deaf education system. They aim to achieve sign language for everyone by bringing new forms and methods of teaching to work with sign language and deaf people. Whether you are deaf or hearing, child or parent, an avid language learner or dedicated educator: communication is not an obstacle but a challenge and an opportunity. Their work has provided thousands of children in Hungary with early childhood access to sign language. Through their extensive and innovative programs, they have spread country-wide awareness for kindergartens and schools about sign language and children that are hard of hearing.

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